HIV Stigma-Free Health Care Series

HIV Stigma Free Flyer

The End Stigma End HIV Alliance and UT Health San Antonio South Central AETC are excited to launch a FREE learning series open to all members of any HIV care team. Training modules will include case discussions, panel sessions, and educational exercises to raise awareness and action to challenge HIV stigma and discrimination. 

Intro to Stigma-Free Health Care to End the HIV Epidemic

Presented by: Junda Woo, MD, MPH
Medical Director, SA Metro Health

Session Objectives:

  1. Understand the definition of stigma
  2. Learn the connection between stigma and adherence to medical care
  3. Understand current concepts in HIV, including PrEP and Treatment as Prevention (U = U)
  4. Reflect on stigma that may exist in our own healthcare facilities
  5. Gain strategies to interact with key populations affected by HIV with respect and without promoting stigma

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Panel Discussion on HIV Health Care Stigma

Moderator: Tedd Douglas, Prism Health North Texas

A storytelling session that discusses the lives and experiences of people who have been stigmatized.

Session Objectives:

  1. State their own values and beliefs, and identify gaps in their knowledge about key populations
  2. Understand some of the main challenges facing members of key populations
  3. Explain some of the basic facts and issues affecting the health of key populations

HIV Stigma-free Health Care: Moving to Action

Presenter: Junda Woo MD, MPH
Medical Director, SA Metro Health

A session where we reflect and analyze stigma that may exist in our own healthcare facilities and create actions for change through a code of conduct. 

Session Objectives:

  1. Guided discussion on HIV stigma within our own facilities
  2. Brainstorming session on concrete initiatives to combat HIV stigma
  3. Develop a code of conduct based on the guided discussion and brainstorming session.

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