2022 HIV & SUD Virtual Symposium

HIV Data Update 

Presented by: Ruth Serrano, MD

Session 1 Objectives:

  1. Prevention
  2. Treatment
    • Oral treatment options
    • Long-acting injectables update
  3. Pregnancy

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HIV Prevention and Care among Substance Using Populations

Presented by: Angela Heads, Ph.D.

Session 2 Objectives:

  1. Overview of HIV in the US – recent trends
  2. Describe the connections among substance use, and HIV prevention and care
  3. ​Barriers and facilitators to HIV prevention
  4. Recent and ongoing research in our center

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Legislative Impact on HIV Care

Presented by: Aliza Norwood, MD

Session 3 Objectives:

  1. Recognize how anti-LGBTQ laws impact PLWHIV
  2. Discuss HIV criminalization in the U.S. ​
  3. Identify recent anti-LGBTQ laws
  4. Highlight ways to promote policies that improve health and wellness

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Harm Reduction Methodologies

Presented by: Crystal Walker, DMSc, MPAS, PA-C

Session 4 Objectives:

  1. Describe harm reduction in the settings of substance use and HIV
  2. List at least three approaches to reducing risk and harm in individuals who inject drugs
  3. Apply strategies and principles of risk and harm reduction in the setting of Texas

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Mental Health and HIV

Presented by: Alex Young, PsyD.

Session 5 Objectives:

  1. Learn about the unique behavioral health challenges that patients with HIV face
  2. Discuss what we can do as a patient’s treatment team to empower and support them
  3. Discuss the future of HIV care from a behavioral health perspective using integration

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COVID-19 and HIV

Presented by: Camille Spears, MD

Session 6 Objectives:

  1. Review status neutral HIV care continuum
  2. Review impacts of COVID-19 pandemic at each stage of the HIV care continua
  3. Explore next steps and paths forward

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