Clinical Preceptorships

What are clinical preceptorships?


A preceptorship is an elective mentored experience in which a practicing physician volunteers to give personal instruction, training, and supervision to interested health care professionals. Preceptorships offer the healthcare professional an opportunity to experience the clinical field and follow a patient over time.

The UT Health San Antonio SCAETC offers virtual clinical preceptorship opportunities to healthcare professionals who are interested in clinical experiences with providers specializing in HIV prevention and treatment.

We encourage those who are interested in participating in a virtual clinical preceptorship to review the AETC National HIV Curriculum found below to get the most out of the clinical preceptorship experience.

We are currently piloting a virtual preceptorship program with a local HIV community-based organization. If you are a professional looking to be introduced or gain HIV clinical experience from a trained HIV provider, feel free to complete our clinical preceptorship application below.

Clinical Preceptorship Application          HIV National Curriculum

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