UT Health San Antonio ECHO

UT Health San Antonio ECHO uses the ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) model developed by University of New Mexico, a telementoring model that connects multidisciplinary group of experts with non-specialist providers over a telehealth network to expand access to quality care among people in underserved communities.

Training & Educational Opportunities


Our HIV ECHO builds community clinic capacity for delivering best-practice HIV care to underserved populations in Texas. We have partnered with the UT Health San Antonio ECHO Program for a twice monthly HIV ECHO.

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Spanish HIV ECHO

The Spanish HIV ECHO will have a global HIV care perspective and includes our partners from the Dominican Republic. This ECHO serves to build community clinic capacity for delivering best-practice HIV care to underserved populations.

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HIV/HCV/SUD Virtual Symposium

The HIV/HCV/SUD Virtual Symposium is an annual symposium focused on integrated care to support complex disease management and targeted an audience of HIV/Hepatitis C (HCV)/Substance Use Disorder (SUD) health care workers and community members to support essential comprehensive care. Click on the links below to access presentations from the past three HIV/HCV/SUD Virtual Symposiums:

2020 HIV/HCV/SUD Virtual Symposium Recordings

2021 HIV/HCV/SUD Virtual Symposium Recordings

2022 HIV/SUD Virtual Symposium Recordings

Virtual Clinical Preceptorships

The UT Health San Antonio SCAETC offers virtual clinical preceptorship opportunities to healthcare providers who are interested in gaining clinical experiences with providers specializing in HIV prevention and treatment.

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UTHSA City-Wide Bug Club

In partnership with the UT Health San Antonio Department of Infectious Disease, the City-Wide Bug Club brings together infectious disease specialists to present and discuss exciting case presentations to increase knowledge and networking.

City-Wide Bug Club will begin meeting in person starting January 2023. For more information please contact us here

HIV/HCV Provider App Launch Week

The HIV/HCV Education & Learning for Providers (HELP) mobile app includes guidelines for reporting coinfection, pretreatment diagnostic requirements, treatment decision trees, drug access protocols and resources for continuing education. The HIV/HCV provider app launch week consisted of 3 events aimed to showcase need and usability of the HELP app. Click on the link below to access to access each session recording.

HIV/HCV Provider App Launch Week Recordings

HIV Stigma-Free Health Care Series

The End Stigma End HIV Alliance and UT Health San Antonio South Central AETC are excited to present a 4 part learning series on HIV Stigma-Free Health care. These training modules will include case discussions and educational exercises to raise awareness and action to challenge HIV stigma and discrimination.

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HIV Telehealth ECHO

In partnership with the UT Health San Antonio ECHO Program and UT System Virtual Health Network, we ran a monthly HIV Care Continuum Telehealth Technical Assistance ECHO series to address regulatory, technological, and clinical considerations for delivering HIV prevention, screening, and treatment services via telehealth and telemedicine.

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SCORE Dashboard

The South Central Online Registration and Evaluations (SCORE) database is used by the UT Health San Antonio AETC to manage training events and evaluations. It is also used by participants to manage their individual user accounts and register for upcoming events and trainings.

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